Toni Morrison Beloved


‘Beloved’is Toni Morrison’s fifth novel, and another triumph. Indeed, Ms Morrison’s versatility and technical and emotional range appear to know no bounds. If there were any doubts about her stature as a pre-eminent American novelist, of her own or any other generation, Beloued will put them to rest’
Margaret Atwood, New York Times Book Review.

‘I can’t imagine American litetature without it. Without Beloued, our imagination of the nation’s self has a hole in it big enough to die from’
Los Angeles Times.

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, 1988. It is the mid-1800s. At Sweet Home in Kentucky an era is ending as slavery comes under attack from the abolitionists. The worlds’of Halle and Paul D. are to be destroyed in a cataclysm of torment and agony. The world of Sethe, however, is to turn from’one of love to one of violence and death – the death of Sethe’s baby daughter Beloved, whose name is the single word on the tombstone, who died at her mother’s hands, and who will return to claim retribution.

‘This is a huge, generous, humane and gripping novel… It is a magnificent achievement. This novel gave me nightmares and yet I sat up late, paradoxically smiling to myself with intense pleasure at the exact beauty of the singing prose…
It is an American masterpiece’
A. S. Byatt, Guardian.